Mazon Angels

Need a job done?  Contact the Mazon Angels...

All 'fees' go to the Mazon UMC!

The following people have generously volunteered their services...

Kim Gardner - Typing

John Gardner - Photography

Tommy McGowan - Videography

Karen Fabian - Gardening

Bev Hacker and Majorie Olah - Mending, Pie-baking, Cookies

Lisa Stull - Shopping/Delivery/Groceries

Tina Brookman - Babysitting after church, Errands, Cooking

Jamie Brookman - Baking

Jan Clavey - Crocheting, Baking

Kris Webster - Shopping, Errands, Cooking

Dawn Madia - Rides to Doctor's Appointments

Call our church office at 815-448-5677 for more info, or to set up an appointment with one of our 'angels'.